Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Matching Baby Quilt Gift Set ... and the last of my jungle print fabric

This is the last of my cutest ever! jungle print fabric ... which  I made into a set of three quilts ... a crib size toddler quilt,  a small newborn or car seat size quilt and a square 'on-the-go-mom' quilt for laying a wee one down wherever she might end up.

L - R:  Crib size, square mat and for the car seat

This is the kind of fabric you avoid cutting into small pieces ...
different sized squares for each quilt 

The large crib quilt has a modern back.
The small quilts have a simple white dotted swiss back.
There are Monkeys! and
a momma Hippo with a babe on her back

The center of the square quilt ...
Giraffes and a Dino with a cap

And a momma elephant with her
babe ... in a party hat!

The sewn on binding with a white piping strip ...I really like the finished tailored look.

For the quilty girls, I learned to do the flanged sewn binding with the fabulous tutorial by Thirteen in '13.


I like a narrow binding so I cut my pieces a bit smaller ... 1.5 inches for the flange piece, and 1.25 inches for the yellow binding.

These quilts are for sale in my Etsy shop



  1. What a darling print! Perfect for little quilts. I will definitely look at the tutorial for this binding; yours is very attractive.

    1. I'm sold on sewn bindings now since I learned this method. It looks nice, goes fast (well, faster than by hand), and it's strong which is probably good for children's quilts.

      Always nice to have you stop by Lil Red Hen!

  2. Your "magic binding" looks great! Thanks for the dimensions for a narrower binding, I will share it with my quilty friends!

    1. I visited quilty friends at their retreat this weekend and they are all going to try the magic binding. Although I still like hand binding and a movie, this method is great for quilts that get a lot of use (like kids quilts).