Friday, May 31, 2013

A Man's Quilt

Some fabrics just cry out "don't cut me".  I bought this fabric when I had the idea to do a landscape quilt because it has so many textures from nature ... leaves and grasses and rocks and mountain peaks.  I never made the landscape quilt.

The strong horizontal graphics on this fabric whispered in my ear
"don't cut me, I'll make a wonderful modern quilt".  I agreed.

This is the strip with the mountain peaks.  They remind
me of the Flatirons outside of Boulder Colorado.

A strip of circles seemed just the thing to add.
Each square is 8.5" finished with a roughly 7" circle.

The circles are pieced which is my favorite way to do a circle ... they go fairly fast and always perfect.

This quilt is for my Etsy shop and I made
it specifically for the man in someone's life.
It's strong and earthy and straight forward.

And a PS to the girls, it's a pretty quilt,
it'll look nice in your living room :}

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