Monday, April 23, 2012

Sampler Quilt in Pinks and Browns

The pink and brown sampler is the February to April quilt . . . there is one for every season . . . each with different (homemade) curtains.  I keep very few of the quilts I make, but this one I made just for me.

Pillows, pillows pillows.

I keep making pillows until I run out of scraps.  There are shams and a neckroll to hide the sleeping pillows and three matching accent pillows.  The log cabin pillow was paper pieced with 3x3 blocks. It's so dang cute.

The roses pillow is from my cross stitch period a good 20 years ago . . .  I have long been a sucker for anything with a rose on it.

The pieced Goose Tracks pillow was made from a block that was in my grandmother's things.  I think it may have been pieced by my great grandmother in her final years when she was nearly blind.   I especially love the two odd pieces of pink stripe fabric . . . making do with what was available.  It is hand pieced, so I hand quilted it.  That's my rule with my grandmother's UFO's . . . if it was pieced by hand, it should be quilted by hand.

My favorite block in the quilt is the Sunbonnet Sue.
Her little pocket is an actual itty-bitty pocket.

Sampler Quilt in Pinks and Browns as designed in EQ6

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thumb PinCushion

Favorite quilting tools

When I was working on an applique project I wanted to easily stow little applique pins as I worked around the project and found these instructions for a Thumb PinCushion.  Thank you Annie for your great instructions.

Sewing Pattern Matching

The PinCushion has become a very handy thing for those projects with lots of pinning . . . matching fabric pattern at seams for quilt backs is one, laying out a tricky pattern on the design wall, and the pinning done to have half a chance of sewing a perfect point.

Thumb PinCushion

Just one thing to learn, insert long pins at an angle . . . it's not pleasant going straight in and sticking your thumb.

I haven't come up with a backing yet to keep the pins from poking through that still keeps the PinCushion comfortable.  Leather?

Tip:  To help keep pins and needles sharp, use steel wool for the stuffing of your pincushions.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Quilting Room

Crazy Quilt

Most of the quilting gets done in the basement on a Pfaff Grand Quilter, the original with the inspira frame.  Although it was bought a bit on impulse, I rationalized that it would pay for itself after 10 full size quilts based on the cost of sending a top out to a pro.  For once in my life, the rationalization proved correct . . . the grand Quilter is not just a favorite tool, but indispensable.

The original setup for the frame has a shelf for pantographs, but I took it off last year as I quickly found that I like free form, free motion quilting.  Pillow shams for mom and dad's anniversay quilt are loaded and ready for quilting.

Hanging behind the quilter is a silk crazy quilt that I found at a garage sale years ago. The foundation backing is cotton feedsacks.  The binding remains unfinished, some of the silks are shredding if not totally disintegrated . . . and I love it.

Crasy Quilt Signature
It is signed, 82 YRs. E.E.R 1911.  I'm estimating she was born in 1829.  Andrew Jackson was president, the first US patent for a typerwriter was granted.  I sometimes ponder what her life was like, but I can only imagine.  E.E.R . . . thank you for your beautiful handwork and I treasure your now 101 yr old quilt.

Crasy Quilt silk shredding

The embroidery is lovely.  I've read that silk was sold by the pound and was often treated with lead to increase the weight and that is why some silks don't hold up.     

Quilt Room Studio

I don't spend much time in a room that doesn't have a TV.  I cancelled the cable subscription last fall (don't miss it a bit).  I've got a Roku box (love it) so I can stream Netflix (love it).  Biography of Dolly Madison is playing.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

60th Anniversary Quilt for Mom and Dad

Quilt Applique Medallion

At least 3 years in the off and on to make, I am wildly happy with the end result.  And Mom and Dad love it ... Congratulations to Mom and Dad on your 60th Anniversary!!

The pattern is Marti Mitchell's Stars All Around and is technically the most challenging top I've ever pieced. I've gotten good at mitering, but those inset seams!  I think each one of them (12 !) was done at least twice to get them right.

Applique Yellow Roses Rosebuds QuiltThe wreath of yellow roses was chosen to commemorate the wild yellow roses that grew on dad's grandparents farm.  The center medallion was hand quilted. I like hand quilting around applique . . . it gives the applique strong definition. I've tried doing this by machine before, but prefer the look and feel the hand quilting gives.

Finally got the pillow shams done. They are a great way to use up leftover fabric, give a nice tailored look and make it really easy to make the bed in the morning . . . no fussing, just plop plop and you're done.