Wednesday, May 21, 2014

16 months later ... The Super Nova Quilt is Done

I was so taken with this quilt when I first finished the top 16 (yikes!) months ago.  And I'm still taken with it.  But gee, it sure took a long time to find a fabric I was happy with for the back.

Super Nova stack n whack quilt.
Here is the link to the original post which
details how I did the stack n whack

To digress a little bit ... in the 16 month span it took to find the back, I started watching the quirky British TV show Doctor Who.

Anyone who has watched Doctor Who might see that the radiant design of the Super Nova blocks sort of resembles the opening of graphics of the show.

And then I found this wonderful rosy brick colored fabric with French script ... and a phantom hand doing the writing.  To me that phantom hand was very Doctor Who-ish.

At that moment, the Super Nova quilt became the Doctor Who quilt.

The phantom Doctor Who hand !

The quilting ... parallel wavy lines
with random whirls

The Super Nova Doctor Who quilt and
it's blocks that radiate from the center
of the universe ... available in my Etsy shop!