Monday, December 9, 2013

It's a Boy! It's a Girl! Oh My, It's Twins!

My cousin is having her first baby.  But it's really babies.  As in twins, a boy and a girl.  And she is over the moon about it.  I made these quilts a few years ago and have been saving them ... now I know why, and for what occasion.

My standard wrap for quilts ... like
the English Christmas 'crackers'
I came up with this wrap the very first quilt I gifted.  I of course did not have a box to put it in ... but I did have tissue paper, wrap and ribbon ... and it just seemed natural  to roll the quilts up.

Hug and Kisses, X's and O's ...
one for a boy and one for a girl

I knew these matching Michael Miller gingham's would be perfect for the backs of the twin quilts.  I think I have just enough of these fabrics for another set of baby quilts.

And by luck I had matching color graded fabrics for the binding, one in a pink yellow colorway and the other in a blue green colorway.  I really like something interesting going on with the binding on my quilts.

 I just love how these two quilts turned out.  Can't wait for the babies to get here... early February!