Saturday, November 16, 2013

Matched Pair O' Christmas Quilts ... Enough Fabric for Two!

I've had this little stack o' Moda Christmas fabrics for a very long time.  Not quite long enough to qualify the fabrics as vintage, but quilters will recognize this very sweet line of Christmas fabrics that is resplendent with roses.

I had enough fabric for two lap size quilts.
So I made two.
And they are a very nice size
for table toppers.

My dining room table was my grandparents.
There has been 85 plus years of living
around this table.

The table top needs a good size topper
to cover all that living,
and it truthfully could really use a refinish,
but why erase all that history?

I played my first poker game around this table.
And Papou could always deal
the littlest kid a winning hand.

Both of the quilts have the same sweet
green fabric with sprays of red roses.

And a band of white with some
little leftover bits for interest.

Both of these quilts .... 

... are available in my Etsy Shop