Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thumb PinCushion

Favorite quilting tools

When I was working on an applique project I wanted to easily stow little applique pins as I worked around the project and found these instructions for a Thumb PinCushion.  Thank you Annie for your great instructions.

Sewing Pattern Matching

The PinCushion has become a very handy thing for those projects with lots of pinning . . . matching fabric pattern at seams for quilt backs is one, laying out a tricky pattern on the design wall, and the pinning done to have half a chance of sewing a perfect point.

Thumb PinCushion

Just one thing to learn, insert long pins at an angle . . . it's not pleasant going straight in and sticking your thumb.

I haven't come up with a backing yet to keep the pins from poking through that still keeps the PinCushion comfortable.  Leather?

Tip:  To help keep pins and needles sharp, use steel wool for the stuffing of your pincushions.

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