Monday, April 23, 2012

Sampler Quilt in Pinks and Browns

The pink and brown sampler is the February to April quilt . . . there is one for every season . . . each with different (homemade) curtains.  I keep very few of the quilts I make, but this one I made just for me.

Pillows, pillows pillows.

I keep making pillows until I run out of scraps.  There are shams and a neckroll to hide the sleeping pillows and three matching accent pillows.  The log cabin pillow was paper pieced with 3x3 blocks. It's so dang cute.

The roses pillow is from my cross stitch period a good 20 years ago . . .  I have long been a sucker for anything with a rose on it.

The pieced Goose Tracks pillow was made from a block that was in my grandmother's things.  I think it may have been pieced by my great grandmother in her final years when she was nearly blind.   I especially love the two odd pieces of pink stripe fabric . . . making do with what was available.  It is hand pieced, so I hand quilted it.  That's my rule with my grandmother's UFO's . . . if it was pieced by hand, it should be quilted by hand.

My favorite block in the quilt is the Sunbonnet Sue.
Her little pocket is an actual itty-bitty pocket.

Sampler Quilt in Pinks and Browns as designed in EQ6

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