Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quilts, Patterns and EQ7

I had an inquiry if I would sell the pattern for my pink and brown Bear's Paw quilt.  At this point I'm not selling patterns ... it makes my head spin thinking about writing a pattern!!

But I am providing the bare bones pattern and how to for this quilt with the help of EQ7.  Heidi, this is for you ... and anyone else who might be interested.

I'm thinking you can right-click and save the pictures as the 'pattern' ... don't know how user friendly this format will be.  Let me know!

I am a BIG fan of Electric Quilt software and have been using it for a long time ... started with EQ5, upgraded to EQ6 and my Christmas present to myself this year was an upgrade to EQ7.

I can't imagine quilting without it ... I learned early in my quilt life that I should not do my own math (see post of The Christmas Quilt from Hell).  All the pics below are done in EQ

The Layout
Finished dimensions 89 x 89

The Blocks are 10 1/2 inch finished.  An odd dimension but I chose this size because all the pieces are cut in nice even dimensions, no 1/8th inch nonsense.

The Sashing is 6 x 10 1/2 and the Sashing Corner Blocks 6 x 6

There are 13 Bear's Paw blocks.

... and 12 modified Irish Chain Blocks

There are 60 sashing blocks.

Sounds like a lot (it is!) but they go fast if you sew 42/44 inch strips together, then cut the needed 11 inches.

And finally 36 Sashing Corner Blocks ... a 16 patch block

Instead of cutting all those 2 x 2 squares ... these go faster

sewing the 42/44 inch strips together by 'column',
then cut 2 inch 'columns' to make the sixteen patch.

EQ provides a yardage guide.  I don't use it very often, usually only if I've got a limited amount of 1 fabric and need to know if I'll have enough.

This quilt calls for 11 3/4 total yards of fabric.  EQ estimates high I think, but it gives you an idea of what's needed.

Another option ... the same blocks, only set on point.
Finished dimensions 93 1/2  x  93 1/2

I absolutely love on point quilts, especially Bear's Paw quilts.

The number of blocks changes:  16 Bear's Paws, 9 Irish Chains, 64 Sashing, 24 Sashing Corners, 16 large triangles for the edges, and 4 small triangles for the corners.

The only changes to the block dimensions are at the edges ... the cut off sashing corner blocks have additional dimensions to cut, and of course the on point fill blocks.

The cut off Sashing Corner block for the edges

The LARGE triangles to fill at the edges

Note:  I updated the dimensions of this block ... I had the wrong pic.  Apologies.

And the SMALL triangle to fill the corners.

Note:  I updated the dimensions of this block ... I had the wrong pic.  Apologies.

... and the yardage.  1 yard needed for the on point fill block.
Total yardage called for is about 12 1/2 yards.

There are pics of this quilt posted under Mo' Pics of my Etsy Quilts ... it is for sale and awaiting it's new home.


  1. Thank you so much, for sharing your pattern. Your pictures simplified things. I also really like the second version of the quilt as well. I look forward to getting started on this quilt for my daughter. Thank you Heidi

  2. Hi!
    I've had EQ7 for a while, but am only starting to use it now. It is great!
    I love your blog. Very cheerful.
    I am your newest follower.

    1. Glad you're using your EQ7 ... what you can make is limited only by what you're willing to take on ... it's easy to get carried away with some really complicated designs. Nice to have you along for the ride!