Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Batik Stacked Coins Quilt ... and Table Runners Too

I love the smell of batiks when you iron them! ... it is just an added joy when working on a batik quilt.

Stacked Coins

It rarely happens that I know how I'm going to do the quilting 
on a project before I'm done.  I usually agonize over how to do the quilting.

But I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt this one.

And I'm sooooo happy with the quilting.
I love the large pebbles in the sashing ... and
the waves running the length of the coins.

And I love the back too ... can you tell
I'm very taken with this quilt!

The back of the quilt close up.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I took the quilt off the quilting frame
to find a row of quilted pebbles nicely centered on the strip of coins.

It's very difficult to plan this sort of alignment on the grandQuilter.
I'm happy for the serendipity!

There were some coins left, so thought some table runners would be nice.

As a Gemini, I like versatility.

And I liked the idea of two matching long, narrow runners.  Twins, you know.
Use them together.  Use them separately.
They are each 6x48.

I have some low bookcases on either side of the fireplace.
They look great on them.
Maybe that's what gave me the idea to do long, narrow runners.

I think I'm going to have to make myself a set of these runners!

There were enough coins for
another table runner.
This one has more traditional dimensions, 10x36.

This beautiful quilt ... and the table runners (that look so good in my house!)
are in my Etsy shop for purchase.


  1. Really nice! I can tell you enjoyed making them.

    1. Thank you Mary! They were fun to do ... batiks are a joy to work with. And it's so unusual to have everything turn out like you hoped!

  2. These are very pretty! I really like the idea for the backing. I used one like this out of necessity; my backing fabric was too short so the strip made it work.

    1. I almost never have enough of one fabric for backing ... so I'm well used to pieced backs. I'm quite taken with the modern quilt movement which was the inspiration for this quilt back. And it uses up leftover pieces that have been cut ... I'm striving for no scraps!