Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For the Bernina Girls ... No. 55 Leather Roller Foot

If you like sewing circles or curves, the 55 Leather Roller Foot is a must have.  I love this foot and use it often.  I don't know if other manufacturers have an equivalent foot, but if you're a Bernina girl, you're in luck.

I like circle quilts.

The 55 leather roller foot naturally likes to sew in a circle.
We were meant for each other.

I use the freezer paper method for piecing circles
and this foot allows me to keep the freezer paper in place while piecing
so my circles are perfecto.

I also like quilting in circles.

Another perfect use for the roller foot.

I do start out with an open embroidery foot when doing circles.

Because the circle is so tight at the start, I free motion whip it around
to start the spiral, and then change to the roller foot.

The leather roller foot is a little difficult to find,
but I think most dealers would order it for you.

This foot was a Happy Birthday to Me present one year. 

I give myself the best presents.

A little video presentation from Bernina on the 55 foot ...

Video Courtesy of Bernina International


  1. This is totally new to me; thanks for the interesting information.

    1. I saw it at SewExpo years ago at the Bernina booth and it was in my 'I want that' thoughts for a couple years before I finally bought it. It is really wonderful for sewing curves.

  2. I have the foot but have never used it. I am going to try it!

    1. Oh yes, give it a whirl! I sometimes have to adjust my tension to get a nice stitch, and sometimes I don't so play with your tension if you're not getting the stitch you want. Have fun!