Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aunt Susie's Scrapbooks

I am the keeper of Aunt Susie's scrapbooks.  Aunt Susie was my great great grandmothers sister.  She made scrapbooks for her niece Mary, my great grandmother and her nephew Horace, my great grandmother's brother.

Front of my Great Grandmother's scrapbook

Front of Horace's . . . the loveliest little fabric

Besides the family history, what makes these scrapbooks so unique are the fabric pages.

Mary's pages are silk with red bias tape.  Horace's pages are I think a cotton and are bound with blanket stitch. They are both so beautiful.

Both scrapbooks have fabric covers, and are bound by hand with red silk ribbon.

The first page . . . 'Good Morning', with a portrait

Aunt Susie's signature page in Horace's book . . .
and testimony to the love between the sisters

Mary's scrapbook . . . The fabric is a single layer
of silk and the pages are different colors.

Horace's pages.  The pages are a single layer of fabric with a beautiful blanket stitch.  I think the fabric is a very fine cotton.

Die cut lettering on a page
dedicated to American authors.

These die cut letters are amazing . . . each with classical figurine

Detail of die cut roses and the silk binding

Detail of blanket stitching and a fabulous die cut ship

Die cuts and cuttings from publications.
I love Aunt Susie's sense of composition

A page dedicated to Abraham Lincoln.
Horace's scrapbook is done with
each page a letter of the alphabet.
Mr. Lincoln's page is V . . . victory over those who enslave another.

Tribute to the memory and achievements
of Abraham Lincoln
in Mary's scrapbook too

The back of Mary's scrapbook
She is given wings to fly

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