Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Autumn Quilt . . . Scrappy Spider Web

This is the quilt that goes on the bed when the first breath of fall hits the air.  It has all the colors of fall . . . blues for the crisp autumn skies, reds and yellows for the leaves that fall, and greens for the grass that is coming back to life.  In my neighborhood, we don't water our lawns in the summer and they all turn to straw. We are happy not to have to mow for a couple months, save on the water bills and then watch them come green again with the rains.

The fabric criteria for this quilt was a) leftover bits from other projects b) this is ugly, "why did I buy this fabric" and c) the less the fabrics "went together" the better.

You all know what I mean by the ugly fabric, we all have them, we all bought them.  We liked them at the time but they never ended up 'going' with anything else.

The result is wonderfully scrappy.  I don't see the individual fabrics, I see how they all just work together in their little misfit way.

Pillow Sham Front with trimmings from cutting the triangles for the webs

The pillow shams were made with leftover bits and cutting trimmings . . . there was next to nothing left of these particular misfit fabrics in my stash by the time this project was done.  I love it when that happens.

Pillow Sham back, which is the side that is usually showing on the bed
I liked this quilt so well when it was done that I took a little extra time on the shams and actually did button closures.

I really liked the quilting for the back of the sham . . . it's a double
wavy line on the seams.  It goes really fast and will keep all those seams closed

Each block looks a bit different depending on where the darker
fabrics are positioning in the web.
This is a good example of
"color gets all the credit, but contrast does all the work"

EQ6 design for the spider web quilt


  1. What a treasure to have your grandmother's quilt- scrap book! When my mother passed away I found a box with a quilt top my grandmother made in the 1930's. It is a treasure to me and I hope to have it made in a quilt for a grand daughter one day. LOVE your quilt from hell!

    1. I think my great grandmother too had a hand in the quilt scrapbook as she lived the final years of her life with them . . . they were both prolific quilters.

      Finishing your grandmother's quilt will be a precious gift for a grand daughter. And it will renew your connection with your grandmother.

      I've finished some of my grandmother's UFO's. I loved working on them, it was as if we were almost working on something together. I miss her.