Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hexagon Quilts, The Guest Room, And a Photo Shoot

When I say I get to indulge myself in pink in the guest room, I mean it!  The carpeting was in place when I bought the house . . . don't know if I would be so brave as to select pink carpeting, but I am very glad it is there.  And the walls are as pink as the carpet . . . that is my doing.  If you get disoriented, you'd think you'd fallen into a tub o' raspberry sorbet.

I've been struggling with lighting and getting good pictures of quilts.  I'm paying attention to white balance and color setting on the camera, but that can compensate only so much for getting the lighting right.

So I made a 'photography lamp' . . . an antique pole lamp that I never got around to restoring and a clip on light from the basement.  It helps.  And it is so me, the queen of make-do, right-now and it-didn't-cost-anything.

The pic above is the edited photo.  The pic just below is the original which I was quite tickled with because it's my best shot yet for my efforts . . . but the color wasn't right, it was a little crooked and I didn't think about the things under the bed showing.

The original photo with notes on the fixes.
The editing on this photo was done with ArcSoft.  I especially like the Straighten tool since many of my pics are just a bit off level, and the Clone tool.  Cloning lets you get rid of things . . . like boxes and area rugs under the bed.

The guest room has two twin beds so I better like the quilt pattern I'm doing since I have to make two of them!  This set of quilts is a suite of quilted things . . . I keep sewing until there is next to nothing for scraps.

Each bed has an applique house pillow.  And a nap time hourglass quilt.

Pillow sham used up a bunch of scraps.  I love the little throw pillows . . the design is driven by what there is for scraps.  That's how I play the scrap game, trying not to cut more fabric . . . I think I'm channeling the thrifty sensibilities of my grandmother's.  They left their indelible mark.

And each bedside table has a little hexagon topper from the hexes that were left over.  The loopy meander quilting is the same quilting I did on the quilts . . . it goes fast and is cute.

. . . and a runner for the dresser

Quilted curtains that I made years ago, early in my quilting life.  I love this little dormer area . . . you have to bend over to walk into it.  Sometimes you remember not to hit your head.

A glimpse of the bed on the left.  The little wicker chair that was a Christmas present from Papou and Yiayia one year . . . each of the cousins got one.  I'm so sentimental about these little things, it is why I have a bit too full house.  It sometimes makes me crazy, but not crazy enough the part with the memories of  Papou and Yiayia, and Christmas and the little wicker chairs.

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