Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bears Paw Quilt on point in Sherbet Pastels

I love on point quilts.  I especially love Bears Paw blocks on point.  And I'm awfully fond of feminine fabrics with flowers in pretty pastel colors.  So there's no doubt on my part, I really love this quilt

Sherbet pastels on a crisp white background.

I made this thinking it would be a summer quilt.
But throw it over a down comforter and it would be
a wonderful cheerful winter quilt too.

The quilting ... swirly swirls.

I decided to contrast the pillow shams with strong
geometric lines.  I like the contrast.

There is a band of white fabric that runs the length
of one side of the back.  I just love the green fabric with
the little melon color flowers ... it has a sweet retro look.

I planned the design in EQ6 quilt software.  Actual color placement on the quilt does not match the EQ color version - I just set the color variety to capture the look and feel I want for the quilt.

I like this sort of artsy pic . . .
reflection of the quilt in an antique dressing table mirror.

A quilt was sold in my Etsy shop.

Update 4/19/14 - Cutting sizes for the Bears Paw Block

The quilt was designed in EQ and the block was set at 10 inch finished, which gave me the dimensions I was looking for in the finished quilt (94 x 94 which will end up about 89 x 89 once it is washed).

The sashing is 3 inches .... so each of the strips is cut to 1 1/2".  The center strip of all the color fabrics was a great way to use up little leftover bits.  The 9 patch corned blocks are cut the same 1 1/2" for a finished 3 inch nine patch.

The patches outlined to make it easier
to see how the blocks are pieced together.

Just this inner portion of the quilt measures
74 1/4 inch x 74 1/4 inch.

The next border gave me fits.
I will be no help to you in how to do this border
unless you get your own EQ program to figure it out.

The last outer border can be sized however you like
to use up your scraps, and get the quilt to the
size you want.


  1. This is just beautiful!!! Love everything about it! :) Did you follow a specific pattern for block size & the corner stones? I've recently been wanting to make a B.P. quilt & this block size & layout is so pretty!

  2. Hi Meredith - I added screen shots of the Bear's Paw block and layout with block outlines. This will give you all the cutting dimensions. I'm glad you like the quilt .... give a shout if you have any other questions!