Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Country Quilt ... A quilt for The Simple Life

With each passing year, I am more and more drawn to simplifying my life ... I'm removing gotta do and gotta have from my vocabulary.  There are things that need to be done to have a somewhat ordered life, but very little anymore needs to be a gotta.  Life is good without lotsa gotta's.

I had a blast making this quilt ... there are no points that I gotta match.  And no pattern I gotta follow.  I didn't pay much mind to which fabric went next to another one.  And I just love the result.

The colors and fabric choices were drawn from the wonderful fabric that is on the back ... blues and browns and tans and peachy rose.  These are comfort colors, just like there is comfort food.
This quilt just makes me want to wrap up.

The backing fabric is a South Seas Import fabric that I call
Country Cupboards ... a print of a full up cupboard.

The fabric is split with a creamy panel down the middle.
I like the stripey effect

Close up of the shelves.
There are little hearts.
I pretty much love anything with a heart on it.

The free motion quilting ... an edge to edge overall
pattern of swirling swirly loopy flowers.
The batting is 100% cotton so there is nice quilty crinkle.

The binding is machine sewn down.
For years I poo-poo'ed machine sewn binding.
Another gotta I got rid of ... I quite like the machine binding.

This quilt is another quilt available on Etsy.
I made it with Mother's Day in mind ... it should be someone's mom's quilt.


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