Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tulip Quilt for a Young Mademoiselle

Lavender and green and yellow and tulips
A spring itself quilt for a new baby,
a just toddling toddler or a young Mademoiselle.

PS.  Every time I see the word Mademoiselle, I remember with a wince that moment in France when I had made the transition from Mademoiselle to Madame ... I was so chagrined ... it had nothing to do with a wedding ring and everything to do with wrinkles!

The fabrics are mostly grown-up fabrics ... except the
one with the cutest little chubby birds.

Neatly folded, waiting to
keep someone warm

How a well loved quilt usually
looks ... crumpled up!

Each block is 9" and is a basic Bears Paw block
with the tulip set in the 'paw'.

I design with the Bears Paw block quite often, it's very versatile.
I used it in my Artichoke Garden Quilt with a log cabin-ish 'paw'.

As designed in EQ ... have I said before how much I love EQ!

Sold on Etsy ... this quilt traveled 2,079 miles
to it's new home in Connecticut


  1. Lovely spring colors to make someone very happy.

    1. Always so nice to have you stop by ... and I'm so ready for spring! All in the yard is in bud, just wanting for some warmer days to bloom.