Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Quilts: Artichoke Garden 1999

There used to be artichokes in my garden, but they didn't make it one winter.
But I've got an Artichoke Garden quilt.
The colors remind me of the colors when artichokes bloom.

I learned with this quilt that blue is a zippy color to add to a color pallet.
It was unexpectedly very pleasing.

One of my favorite borders - rolling spirals.  The body of the quilt is pebbles and feathers, the first time I had tried doing either.
Although the quilting looks like a first effort, I still love it.

This is the last FMQ quilting I did on the Bernina, all the tugging and adjusting wore me out.  And the resulting jerky spots in the quilting were disappointing.  It was shortly after completing this quilt that I got the Pfaff GrandQuilter.

The back . . . one big artichoke.  Really it's just a bear's paw
with a log cabin-ish paw pad.

The thin sashing is what really makes this quilt I think. And the blue sky fabric.
The darker green fabric meant to represent leaves and stalks,
also has a picket fence sort of look.

This quilt was designed in EQ5.

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