Saturday, September 15, 2012

Magna Doodle: How to Teach Your Arms a Free Motion Quilting Pattern

Magna Doodles . . . they are not just for the kids!

It's one thing to have a FMQ idea for your quilt, it's another thing to execute it as it is in your mind's eye.

I used to use lots of paper 'teaching' my hand the motion needed for FMQ.  The magna doodle saves me paper and it's an easy erase for starting over.

Tessellating Hearts . . . easy and fast

Practicing helps to figure out what you need to do (or not to do) to turn
the pattern when you come to the edge.  The bottom right turn above is not a good turn.
Need more practice.

FMQ is actually not about the hands, it's about the arms.

When teaching yourself to FMQ, 'draw' with your arms as if they and the quilt are one.  Your hands are only what connect you to the quilt.

If you FMQ from your arms instead of your hands, the stitches will be much smoother and more even.

Flowers and Leaves

Practice helps show you where you may have gaps at the quilt edges,
like at the top and the bottom left corner.

Feathers . . . I find feathers very difficult to 'learn'.

As our penmanship is unique to each of us,
so I think is how we 'write' FMQ feathers.
I would like my feathers to look like someone else's,
but they always seem to look like MY feathers.
Feathers remain a skill in progress for me.

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