Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quilts from Quilt Shows

These pics were taken at quilt shows over the years.  They are stunning and remain stunning years later.  They inspire me.

I apologize to the artists that I do not know who you are to give you due credit for your beautiful and inspiring work.  If anyone knows the quilters who made these beautiful quilts, I would be appreciative.

Seattle Quiltfest 2004
Detail of a larger quilt . . . Love the soft liquid colors

Quilter Found!
River Run by Cassandra Williams, Grants Pass Oregon

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
Detail of Crazy Quilt . . . a little ghost figure!

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
One of my all time favorite quilts

Seattle Quiltfest 2008
The beauty of the simple subject and skillful execution

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
The butterfly has that velvety look that butterflies have

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
African fabrics and strong geometrics

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
Very elegant composition.  The angular border really sets off the feathered star

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
I wonder if the offset border was a happy mistake . . . it really sets the eye line back to the peaches.

Detail of peaches

Seattle Quiltfest 2006 ... Detail of The Whale Rider

I love how the Storm at Sea background animates the young girl
And the whole quilt ...

The Whale Rider
Maorie Song of the Whale
by Judy Eselius

Seattle Quiltfest 2006
Best of Show
Kitty Corner by Janet Fogg

I'm thinking all quilters have seen this amazing quilt, but this pic gives you an idea of the scale

Seattle Quiltfest 2008
Best of Show
Poppy Soliloquy by Sandra Leichner
Detail of Poppy Soliloquy . . . Dragonfly with jet stream!!

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