Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Favorite Quilting Tools . . .

Telescoping Magnet

Easy way to find and pick up wayward pins.

Get these at a guy store (like Harbor Freight)
for a quarter of the price you will find them at a girl store.

Easy Thread/Self Threading Needle

If you do your own machine quilting these are indispensable for dealing with thread ends.  I always pull the bottom thread to the top so there are no birds nests (or eagle aeries) on the back.

Thread snaps in . . .  no needle threading

Insert the needle along the sew line,
snap thread into the needle, 
pull through and trim ends.

The June Taylor 1/2 inch Shape Cut

A great time saver when cutting strips and pieces - you can cut multiple pieces without re-positioning the ruler.  It is easy to nick the rotary cutter blade, but if you drop the blade thru the slots when positioning instead of going up thru the teardrop, you can reduce the nicks.  Nicks and all tho, I use this ALL THE TIME.

Also very useful to square blocks up to 12 inches.
(Circle is my own marking for squaring some circle blocks.)

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