Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Sewing Room Part I

I have just recently discovered Pinterest.  Countless hours of visual overload.  I won't call the hours wasted by any means, but they are hours of on-my-behind time that I will never get back.

There are lots o' pins of really-nice-wish-it-was-mine sewing rooms.  My sewing room is not a dream room, but I love my sewing room.  If God gave me the choice of one room and only one room to have, it would be my sewing room. Best place on earth on a rainy winter day.

My house is one and a half stories . . . the upstairs follows the roof line and there is not full head room.  You eventually learn how far to the sides you can go before you bump your head.  When I'm at the ironing board, I've got a full inch of headroom.  It works.

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.
The view from the ironing board.

Framed at the ironing board are illustrations chosen from a 1951 Mother Goose to represent each season.  I had this book as a child.  I colored all over it.  I have these to frame because I found a copy at a thrift shop that was owned by a good child that did not color all over the 1951 Mother Goose.

The ironing board is a quick pivot from the sewing machine.

I found an old desk that I converted into a sewing cabinet.  Well, I didn't do it, I just had the idea.  You need a router, a piece of plexiglass and a boyfriend or hubby that is willing to do your bidding (Chris is quite proud of his creation . . . says it's the best sewing cabinet EVER!).   It really is a very nice cabinet.  The bookcases are full of bundled fabrics, each a project, ready-to-go, if only I could get off the internet!

There is no space for a design wall, so I came up with a suspended system of two 3x5 foam insulation boards (Home Depot), covered them with white felt and hung from a curtain rod.  I do have trouble laying out full size quilts . . . I end up using the bed as the design wall.  The 3x5 boards are nice for smaller projects as I can move them next to the sewing machine and save myself some exercise

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