Friday, June 14, 2013

New Life for My Grandmother's Orphan Lone Star Blocks

There were three Lone Stars in my Grandmother's suitcase of orphan blocks.  I saw a picture of a Lone Star table topper on Pinterest and thought it was so cute and decided to do table toppers with these three Lone Stars.  I think Yiayia would like the idea.

This is the first one completed.

It is a quiet little riot of Federal blues, reds and pinks.
And perfectly imperfect with one of the star points 'out of pattern'
and a little piece of make-do tan fabric.

The other two Lone Stars are indigo and white.
One is completed, the third one is a work in process.

I'm hand quilting the stars and finishing the edges
with a traditional knife or butt edge binding.

To try to keep the star points from getting too wonky,
the center pieces are all quilted first leaving the edge pieces

un-quilted when I do the knife edge bind.

Pippa Ross at her Welsh Quilt blog has a wonderful
tutorial on how to do a traditional knife edge binding.

Once the interior pieces are quilted, excess batting and backing are trimmed away, the edges are folder under and pinned together.

It takes forever plus two and a half hours to do the trimming and pinning, repinning and repinning to get the star points just right.

I knew those little applique pins would come in handy one day.

The second star done.

With all my Grandmother's quilty things, I am always
prone to pondering whose shirt or dress did that fabric used to be?


  1. Your grandmother would be so proud of your lovely work! Such a great idea to make table toppers from these finds.

    I had never heard of knife edge binding, so thank you for the link for learning this technique. I may try it first on a doll quilt.

  2. Yes, I think she would be proud, and both pleased and amused to have such care taken of her little leftover bits.

    I first ran into knife edge bind when I saw a picture of a Welsh quilt which are traditionally whole cloth with exquisite quilting. And it's nice to have other binding options.

  3. Wonderfully worked. I'm sure your Grandmother is proud. I haven't started on my mother-in-law orphans yet. Big Church project and getting ready for VBS (teaching crafts). Never heard of knife edge binding; thanks for the link.

    1. I'm pleased with how they're turning out ... and am looking for my inspiration for the rest of the little orphan blocks. Teaching crafts at VBS sounds like fun and it's great to light a kid's imaginations.