Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lone Star Quilt ... with Half Square Triangles

A Lone Star quilt with half square triangles is a much less daunting proposition than a Lone Star quilt with diamonds, bias edges and inset seams.

It has a wee different look than a traditional Lone Star, but still makes a striking quilt without all the sewing anguish.  Inset seams still give me lots of quality time with the seam ripper.

This is the first quilt I did on the Pfaff Grandquilter.

Pebbles on the Lone Star.  I love quilted pebbles
but end up not doing them very often anymore
... they take such a long time.

As designed in EQ.

The squares and HST's are 4-inches finished and the
overall quilt dimensions are 68 x 93,
which washed and dried down to 63 x 87.

I find I usually get about 13% shrink once my quilts
get all their quilty puckery goodness.

In the Dogwood tree ... it's a nice quilt hanger
(when it's not raining).

One mo' picture, just because the tree fern
is looking so good this time of year, and I like the pic :}


  1. I'm definitely clicking on the heart for this pattern....thank you!

    1. I like this pattern too ... I'm contemplating making one in a different colorway for Etsy.

  2. Now it has never entered my mind to make this design with half square triangles! How clever! I always like the way you display your quilts for photos.

    1. Not my idea ... I saw it on Simply Quilts. Here's the link to Debbie Maddy's web site. She's the clever girl who thought of it.

      Looking at her web page you can do Carpenter Wheel with HST's too, I'll have to look at that. I like Carpenter Wheel and have never done one.

      I think I must look like a crazy lady running around the yard with my quilts trying to get them in a good light for pics. But oh well.