Friday, June 22, 2012

Thimbleberries Quilt with Applique Accent Strip

 Thimbleberries quilt. . . on the front steps with the rhodie in bloom
I used to work on the road.  Turns out I was on a perpetual shop hop . . . and I learned which shops had really good sale areas.

Very early in my quilting life I vowed to only buy fabric on sale.  I had bought some full price fabrics I just couldn't live without . . . and then a couple years later I spied them in a sale area while the full price yardage was still just sitting on the shelf.  That was the day I took the pledge to only buy fabric on sale.  I may be a couple years behind 'what's in fashion', but there is no shortage of really nice fabric in my stash!

The Sisters quilt shop in Chehalis, WA always has a great sale area, and during one visit there were piles o' Thimbleberries fabrics.  This is the quilt I made with them.  If you're travelling I-5 between Portland and Seattle, take the detour to Sister's Fabric Shop, you won't be disappointed!  (

The base pattern is a variation of the Yellow Brick Road, with the addition of some 9 patch blocks.  Three quarters of the way through, I thought it was looking awfully boring and decided to add an applique strip towards the foot of the quilt.  I just love it!

 . . . hanging from the dogwood tree

 . . . draped on the fence

Pillow Sham front.  I love circles and came up with these folksy flowers.  They were appliqued using the freezer paper method, then blanket stitched all around.

Pillow Sham back.  These were the first pillow shams I made and thought it would be nice if they were reversible.

The back . . . pieced because I didn't have enough of any one fabric and didn't want to go buy more.

The Thimbleberries quilt was made for a full size bed . . . but it is currently on the summer bed in the basement.


  1. I just love your quilt! Beautiful!

  2. I love the fabric combinations you used! It is a stunning quilt!!

  3. love it as well. makes me want to go dig out my thimbleberries scraps and go to work!

    1. Yup, get to work! I love when I see someone's work and get inspired for my own project ... need more time in the day!