Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Stash: Making sense of all that fabric

If you quilt you have a stash.  If you quilt and have a collector's heart you have a BIG stash.  I swear I have enough fabric for 5 quilters for 5 lifetimes.  I look at my stash and ask myself "what were you thinking".  There are 6 bookshelves stuffed full.  I am on fabric restriction.

This brings the next challenge, making sense of it all.

1) The fabric needed to be readily accessible so I could 'audition' fabric for whatever I was working on, so shelves were for me.

2) Putting the fabric back on the shelf in a tidy fashion without fussing was important.  Whether by nature or nurture, I'm not a tidy person, I'm a clutterbug.  I need easy systems that I don't have to work at all the time.

A bundling system developed . . . and it works!

All the yardage is folded the same (selvage to selvage twice so it is 4 layers, and then folded up the length of the fabric so each piece is roughly 11 inches by 8 inches). Selvage trimmings are used to tie the bundles.

This open storage bundling system works well for me.  Everything is easily found and resembles tidy.  And most importantly it is easy to keep organized after rummaging through the stacks.

Three quarters of the stash is bundled by project. When I'm ready for a new project, I can grab a bundle, take it to the computer and draft the project in EQ (I love EQ!!).

The rest of the fabric is bundled by color.  When 'shopping' for a fabric for a project, it is easy to grab a bundle and flip through to find a fabric that works.

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