Friday, July 26, 2013

A Short Tale of Two Quilts

I only had one quilt in mind when I started cutting fabrics ... a contemporary lap quilt with Flying Geese blocks.  After cutting all the 7 1/2 in squares to make the geese, I had a lot more fabric cut than I needed for one quilt.  So voila and ooh-la-la ... a coordinating baby quilt.

Lap on the left, Baby on the right
And just as a side note (because I go off on tangents so easily) the French really do say ooh-la-la with cute little regional variations ... the Parisians say it more ho-la-la.  And the Italians really do say Mama Mia ... I've heard it with my own ears.  Ok, back to quilts ...

A simple white binding

4 different fabrics for the binding
so each corner
is a different color

As per my usual, the Flying Geese quilt was laid out in EQ7.  I played around with having the geese flying in all different directions but decided I liked them flying in formation.

Making Flying Geese blocks is painless and fun when you use the full square method which I first saw years ago when Simply Quilts was still on the air.

Here is a link to '...laugh yourself into Stitches' web site.  She has a great tutorial on the full square method for flying geese.  Also, checkout Stitches quilting ... some pretty amazing work.


Just cuz, I made Hourglass blocks with the remaining 7 1/2 inch squares. I ended up with 4 blocks with the white fabric and didn't like the white randomly placed ... so made a design feature out of them with a Square in a Square block in the middle.  I really like the effect.

' 1/4" mark ' has a great tutorial on easy sew hourglass blocks.  She marks her sewing surface like I do so she doesn't have to mark the center line on each piece she sews ... big time saver. 

The back of the lap quilt.
There was one last Flying geese block left so it was incorporated into a strip on the back to give the reverse side something interesting ... and I love not so many scraps left at the end of a project.

Soft tonal fabrics with not much pattern ... love these colors together.

Available in my Etsy shop.

Don't know if anyone will be interested in companion
lap and baby quilts, but thought it might be a nice "Mother and Child" gift for a new mom



  1. Interesting tutorial! I paper piece my flying geese; of course there's a little waste, but once I get everything lined out, there isn't much.

    You have such good color selections! Everything I do tends to be done in small, traditional prints and colors. Maybe it all goes back to my upbringing ~ feed sacks. :)

    You asked if I will hand quilt the washday top ~ yes, I don't machine quilt very well.

  2. Your quilts are so lovely, I love your choices. I am always inspired by my QFF's projects ... they choose fabrics that I would not have thought to put together.

    And I love hand quilting, gives a quilt a feel that cannot be replicated by machine. I do a little bit of hand quilting on my grandmother's UFO's.

    Wanted to tell you that ever since I read your 'July Farm Update' post I find myself thinking about you off and on as I go about my day. Wrapping your fortunes on the good graces of Mother Nature sure puts stresses on a mind ... I admire your fortitude to try and get ahead of Her with all the contingency planning. Most of us have no clue what it takes to farm. P.S. I periodically send little rain wishes your way.

    1. Thank you so much! We've had about two inches of rain off and on and the grasses are green again. Too late for pretty flowers, but there's always hope for next year.