Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Thanksgiving Quilt: Ohio Stars Quilt in Civil War Fabrics

My favorite star block is still the Ohio Star,
even after making as many as I did for this quilt.

All of the block pieces in this quilt are 2 inches finished, including the little hourglass blocks that make the Ohio Star.

Using up scraps with the pillow shams . . . flying geese from the border.
The quilting on the shams is the same as done on the quilt border.

Neckroll made with leftover blocks.
I always do a neckroll for my bed sets to hide the top of the sleeping pillows.  The neckroll is made by whip stitching 2 little roll pillows together.
The little roll pillows are from JoAnn.

This neckroll is closed with a tie that I made from fabric from the quilt.
Sometimes I do a drawstring closure for the neckroll . . . but this is the easiest, and I like the little frilly look . . . looks like crackers!party poppers the English have on their Christmas tables.

No scrap shall remain unsewn!  The very last little fabric bits were sewn together willy-nilly with no real forethought.  I love these little projects . . . and no scraps in the waste basket.

 . . . on the bedside table

The Ohio Stars quilt as designed in EQ6

This is the quilt that goes on the bed at Thanksgiving.

There is no Christmas quilt, yet.  At this point the Christmas quilt is
a stack of fabric and a plan. It will be very red. With dragons. Oh my!


  1. Wow! I just found your blog and your quilt is so very beautiful. Just amazing! You did a great job. Also love all the accessories.

    1. Thank ... I love this quilt and look forward to getting it on the bed every year. I keep making pillows and whatever until I've used up all the scraps so I generally end up with lots of accessories for my bed quilts.

  2. Beautiful work! Congratulations!
    Best regards from Brazil
    Themis Abdo

    1. Obrigada Themis ... nice to have you stop by!

  3. I just saw this on Pinterest. An exceptionally beautiful quilt. I especially like your half light/half dark 9 patch setting squares. Wow.

  4. Thank you Roxanne .. this remains to date my greatest quilting accomplishment ... and probably why I am so intently exploring less complicated projects!

  5. Love love love! An Ohio Star Civil War era quilt is one I'm starting soon. I'm collecting fabrics that are close to prints of that era too. I am using a checker board pattern around the border of my quilt but love the flying geese pattern on yours. I hope mine turns out even galf as nice as yours. Beautiful!

    1. I'm glad you're inspired! And thank you, I love this quilt too. This is the first quilt that I used wool batting ... and oh my, it sure makes the quilting beautiful and very comfortable for sleeping. Have fun making all the Ohio Stars! I thought by the end I would be really good at the points, but lol, not so much. :)