Sunday, January 20, 2013

SuperNova Quilt ... an easy Stack and Whack

This is a stack and whack ... it's easy, fun and goes fast.  I got the cutting, piecing and top together in 8 hrs and 15 minutes.  I think it's a good days showing.  There's a little tut following on how I put it together.  I named it SuperNova.

It's going to be an Etsy quilt, but when I took it into the living room
to see how it looked on a couch ... I had a Miss Piggy moment, because ...

... it looks FABULOUS along with the painting!

So, here we go, here's how I put it together ...

Step 1:  Pick your fabrics

Select good contrast, and 6 different fabrics per stack.
Batiks are a good choice as they don't bias stretch too much.

Step 2:  Cut 10 1/2 inch squares

I chose 10 1/2 because you can get 4 squares
cut without much waste from 42/44 inch yardage

Step 3:  Make your 'template' and stack the fabric

I used EQ7, but it would be easy
to draw your own. This template has 6 pieces,
so there are 6 different fabrics in the stack.
Number the pieces in the template.

Step 4:  Start Cutting

Cut away the corner piece first.
Step 5:  Keep Cutting

Work around until all pieces are cut.
No need to worry about precision ...
all 6 layers are cut the same
so they will sew together just fine.

Step 6:  Number the Sections

Step 7:  Restack the Deck

Move the top piece of Sec 1 to the bottom,
and 2 pieces from Sec 2 to the bottom,
and 3 pieces from Sec 3 to the bottom,
etc etc etc for Sections 4, 5 and 6

The stack should be perfectly sorted,
with each block having
6 different fabrics.

Step 8:  Get Your Sew On

I started by sewing all of Section 2 and 3 together,
and worked my way around each section until all the pieces were together, EXCEPT the corner ... it goes on last.

I did pay attention to getting that little ear extending on the OUTSIDE join of the block so the outside edge was fairly even.

Step 9:  Iron seams open

I didn't iron as I sewed ... I waited to all 5 pieces
were sewn together.  The corner edge
will be fairly uneven, and that's OK.

Step 10:  Trim

I trimmed the whole block to 9 1/4 inches and
evened up the corner edge.  I set the 60 degree
line on the top edge and that seemed to be a good
angel for that corner cut.

Step 11:  Sew on the Corner

Again, pay attention that there are little
overlapped ears
as you align the corner piece on.

Step 12:  Trim the block

The blocks should be 9 1/4 inches trimmed.

Step 13:  Sew the blocks together
The top measured roughly 53 x 71

And I like that there was nothing to match up.
The template is cut so there's no matchy matchy.


This painting was one of my better thrift shop finds.

And it has absolutely no provenance ... I know nothing of the artist, or the painting.  Except that I really like it, and it is done with artist crayons.

Lacking a name, I call it ....

We Had a Lovely Time at the Regatta Except for the Pack of Wild Dogs


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the colors and design. Thank you for sharing the step by step!

  2. Thanks Patti Jo ... I'm quite pleased with it and glad to share the how to. I'm stuck for the moment tho with it ... can't find a backing I like!

  3. I just love to do this type of stack and whack! It's so easy and the items you make from this type block look so complicated when joined together. Your
    tute is very well done.

  4. I love your easy style on this quilt, and that it wasn't an "exact" thing. It turned out beautifully! And something I'd like to try at some point. The batiq fabrics are fun too, and not the usual stack-n-whack type fabrics. I also have to say I laughed out loud at the name you gave your painting -- Loved it! :)